easyE® actuators

EasyE® electric linear actuators fit in a many different applications by utilizing an in-line design. Our actuators are available in a wide range of specifications.


easyE® controllers

We offer a variety of controllers from simple on-off speed control, to position control, mobile battery powered units and more!


easyE® accessories

Choose from a large selection of attachments and accessories. We provide different types of buttons, remotes, adaptors, and enclosures.

EasyE ® actuators are high efficiency, in-line electric linear actuators, with a slim profile and a lifting capacity of up to 10,000N. EasyE ® is ideal where your application is limited by space constraints. EasyE ® electric actuators are made of powder-coated steel with an aluminum or stainless steel piston, and standard IP66 rating, providing a sturdy design that protects the actuators internal components. Compatible accessories including: controllers, handsets and batteries for mobile use are available.


  • • Slim profile
  • • lifting capacity up to 10,000N.
  • • Stroke length from 50 to 750mm.
  • • Powder coated steel or stainless steel.
  • • RAL Colors available upon request.
  • • Standard IP66 Protection class.
  • • Standard Temperature range -20°C - +70°C.
  • • Programmable controller available.
  • • Mobility with battery power.
Actuator & Controller Data Sheets

easyE35 Datasheet
easyE50 Datasheet
easyE60 Datasheet
EEL-S1 Datasheet
EEL-S2-1 Datasheet
EEL-S2-2 Datasheet
EEL-S2-3 Datasheet
EEL-S3/S4 Datasheet
Wiring Diagram
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