EEL-S3/4 Controller


The EEL-S3/S4 system is a versatile solution for control of electric actuators. The unique design, strong power supply system and the option of controlling multiple actuators makes the EEL-S3/S4 system attractive for use in various applications.The EEL-S3/S4 concept is designed for optimal flexibility making configuration, programming and installation easy. Additionally, service and replacement of batteries is extremely easy with the patented tooless magnetic locking mechanism. The EEL-S3/S4 Controller is designed to handle up to four actuators in groups, synchronous or individually. It is actuated with a wired handset, which can be delivered in five different button layouts depending on customer needs. Furthermore, the EEL-S3/S4 can be equipped with an emergency stop. The EEL-S3/S4 system contains a rechargeable 24V DC NiMh or Li-Ion battery, enabling the system to be fully mobile.
Standard EEL-S3/S4 solution includes IP50 protection. IP65 protection available upon request.


  • Synchronized parallel actuation
  • Current and temperature protection
  • Adjustable drive speed
  • Adjustable start and stop ramp
  • Different control modes
  • Wide range of parameters
  • Serial interface
  • Autobalance feature
Dimensions & Connections
EEL-S3/4 Dimensions & Connections
  • 1 GND
  • 2 12–35V DC Supply
  • 3 Actuator A +
  • 4 Actuator A -
  • 5 Actuator B +
  • 6 Actuator B -
  • 7 Hall B motor A
  • 8 Hall A motor A
  • 9 Extend position command
  • 10 Retract position command
  • 11 Hall B motor B
  • 12 Hall A motor B
  • 13 Ext. Stop
  • 14 5V DC/20mA Hall Output
  • 15 Fault output
  • 16 Calibration