EEL-H1/2S Controller


The EEL-H1/2S controller offers a simple plug & play solution for our actuators for individual or synchronous operation of up to 2 actuators. The controllers are pre-configurated and adapted to the respective actuator. So in order to start operation, the actuators only have to be connected with the controller.


  • Electric linear actuator controller.
  • Individual or synchronous operation for 1-2 actuators.
  • Wireless remote or wired button.
  • Supply: 12-24V DC.
  • Idle current: 0.03mA.
  • Adjustable current limit: 2-16A per Actuator.
  • Connector type Molex Mini-Fit 6 pin.
  • 2 Keyfobs included.
  • For custom programming please call us.
  • Custom programming examples: one press of button to fully extend or compress, limit movement of actuator to exact distance.
  • 315Mhz (other options on request).
  • Power supply NOT included.
  • Compatible with advanced remote for memory position presets (sold separately).
EEL-H1/2S Dimensions
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